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  'M so craz so sudenly'
Posted at 7/23/2008 10:33:00 AM
Mb loosing him is lyk loosing sum1 special in my lyf..
I rili do MISS him...
Doez HE??
I hope so..
BUT sum part say dat he found sum1 NEW..


Lyf kinda rough..
Loosing sum1 special is one of it..
I cant tink of any reason 2 b hepi xCept bein wid my frens..
N onLinin..
BUT dat won help 2 cure d wound he left..
D scar i carve fer him..
D tears i wasted..


2day is Wednesday(23 July 08)
2day im gona go in front durink asembly n talk lyk a gud MC..
Hope i can do it..
N make my teacher proud of me..
I wna make me feel dat wasting 2 days of KHUSUS MC rili paid off~
BUT im still nervouz..


"I nvr knew i cud hurt lyk diz,
I still hope i cud talk 2 u,
N i hope u cud cuddle me AGAIN..."

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