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  'New Life Of Mine'
Posted at 7/09/2008 10:09:00 PM

New Life Of Mine mean a new life fer every old life...
BUT fer me it means another start of a new life fter an old life has let me down..

Yes...My old life let me down..
So down as evr..Well..Life js gotta move on..
I throw d dirt in life n left d clean in life..
Dats wad m i gona do..

Lyk i say put out d dirt n brink in d clean lyf..
I be-frended wid him fter he break my heart..
D day i ask him 2 b my pal..
I nvr tot dat he will face 2 face wid me instead of replyin my letter..
Im so dead nervous..
BUT hehe..I manage 2 get tru it..

I still love him..
BUT im in a relationship wid another guy..
Cs im tinking of breaking up wid d other guy..

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