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  'Feel like biting sum1 rite now'
Posted at 8/06/2008 10:45:00 AM
Feel lyk biting sum1 rite now!!
Hate dat GURL!!
Fter i come bak from dat KHUSUS MC she nvr giv me change 2 b a MC..
How d heck m i suppose 2 test mai MC SKILLs..
Dun wory..
Im gona b 2day evn though Warren suppose 2 b..
BUT i ask C.ONG dat i wna b 2day..
Warren can b next
My onli laz 2day..!!

Such a bummer!
My x-bf scolded me fer nuttin dat i done..
He say i say him a playboy wid my sis-angkat in front of d gurl he luph..
N i waz lyk..
Y u blame...
I hav no sis-angkat rite here in KCH..
Only in KL..
He say if not me,den itsPat-Pat..
Evy1 is angry @ him..

Jr prefects here dee..
Sr so free rite now..
BUT v oso nid 2 take care of
Actually not..
Its kinda fun though..
My biro jagaan is JKR..
Ju-Ju same biro..
Luph callin her dat..=D
BUT she go fer sum camp..
So she won b hearin my speech..
Hope she come bak

N did i tell ya..
Dat ystrdy diz TERRY CHUNG!!
make my hand got squeeze between grills..
Stupid boy of him..
Luckyly d headmistress hear his screaming..
N boy did i tell ya dat wen he screams i cant hear wad he say..
Hahaha again LOOSER..

Gotta run..
C ya..

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