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Posted at 10/11/2008 10:18:00 PM
2day beens GREAT..
In my dreams of cz..ahahaha!!

next week..oni 2 days of sch..
BUT i feel lyk i go 2 sch evday..
cz mon,wed&fri go sch mownink till noon cz i havta take cre of d KIOSK..
den tues&thurs..
no nid come mownink...
cz i've got sch in d fternoon..
bside Mel&DB got evtink incover..
me&pat jaga sama2..
cz i wanted 2 test her actually..
test her laziness..XD
cz db&mel say she diz&dat..
so i try lo..
BUT of cz i still sincerely & owes wanted 2 jaga kiosk wid her..
N mb on wed is d laz day i meet MR CHANG..
d hensom bread supplier..XP
Me so noty..
BUT i dun rili lyk him..
I envy him actually..
his smooth,soft,white,pimple-less skin..
He works in Big Family Bakery..
O was it Happy Family...
o wad d HECK!

Ystrd(10 oct) got Drama competion..
sad 2 say V WON!!!
3rd place..SUPRISE-SUPRISE..
goiN in2 finals next week..
I tinks finals is next week..
BUT watev..
My klaz do drama bout PAK KADUK..
SuprisingLy 1 Biru won 1st place..
2nd place was 2 dey did btr den 1 Biru..
4th is 2 magenta..din guess it either..
5th place is 2 Kuning..SHOCKING too..!!
My klaz practice drama laz minute..
on Thursday,a day b4 drama comp..v were PORAK PERANDA..
OUT OF PLACE..n so oN..
BUT fter v perform..
I ask d judges..
Dey say OK!!yay!!..??**
Haha..wasnt suppose 2 ask..
2 bad 2 Hijau,1 Kuning,1 Jingga & 2 coklat din go in..
2 Hijau ok BUT i dun understand y dey dun go in2 finals..
Anyways..BIRUs ROCK!!??**
Creadits 2 our omoz bertanggungjawab Director-TERRY LAWRENCE-
N o our crew n actors..

*pictuRez will b cuMin UP*

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