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  '..Dat D-R-E-A-M..'
Posted at 10/03/2008 10:11:00 PM
d tittle is fer decoration actually..
wad im gna tell here doesn't hav any relations wif d tittle..
Icludin d dreami gna say..


Cudn't noe dat my fren..
cud evr betray me..XD
I noe she got d HAK to do dat..
Yea..I noe im bein SELFISH..
BUT she purposeLy one bo..!!
One fyn day..
Mdm Kon ask 2 Biru..
Hu wna go USA??
Den 2 boys..
I 4got hu was it..
Oni can 3 ppl arr..
SupposingLy my klazmates chose hu 2 go..
Instead of voluntearing..(dno how 2 spell)
MELVINA ask VERO 2 tell her name..
She so mean..
Yea..n d weird part is im goin..
Weird eii..
EvnThough my name tak kna say..haha!!
I was in sch campus..
Lyk dat la..
@ USA..OMG!!=P
I met Shasha Sharon jie..(from KL)..
N evn Adeline jie..(from KL too)..
So hepi..
BUT i dun c Teng2jie..(from KL too)..=D
N i still wonder..
I go 2 USA..without any tickets..
O wad so evr..
How did i get in??
BTW..dis is JUZ a D-R-E-A-M..x)..
MAN!!Wish it cud o happen..


Jz found out Raymond got NEW grk..
I was lykk..Errr..



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