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  'g0 vr0..'
Posted at 10/23/2008 10:04:00 PM
go vr0,go vr0..!!
she ady balas wad Chan did 2 me..ahaha..

now i hate super hate him!!
adaka ptt he hina me dis n dat!!
watever laaa..
now im hepi c0s vr0 ady bls wad he did 2 me..XD
he say he wna die cos vr0 dun wna him..
gud l0r..
u die so u dun play gurl heart anym0..
i luff my lyf n0w..XD
emm..oh no!is dis evn rite??
blas dendam is d mos baddest tink..
no wait..its KARMA..XD

lets talk evn hepier stuff..
oh ye..n0ne..
im 2 stupid jus now..
mo0dy 4 a guy lyk dat!!

k laaa...daaa~
nuttin 2 say liaw..=)

^_nite post
v-mownink post

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