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  'Hepi Halloween'
Posted at 10/31/2008 11:34:00 PM

Its Halloween 2dae..yeee..
dno m i suppose 2 b hepi onot..
Cos i dun celebrate it...

Oh yee..
I ady upload my hand..XD

Hand By Priscie..Made By Vero..ahaha..

Emm..vero jus tell me sumTink i hate 2 hear...XD

emm..oh yeee..wad 2 say arr??

Oh yaaa...!!
Jus now..bcos Pat wna c her ehem2..she push me..
den i turn 1 tym den i fall down on d stairs..
so funni..n..n F-U-N...
BUT oso quite embarassing 2 laaa...

n den arrr...Tym wna go home..
Vero push mee...
Den my slipar come out.. wearin slippers cos my shoes r wet..
In da middle of d road it came off..T___T embarassing laaaa..XP

Hummm..apa lagi horr??
I 4got liaw..Oh yee..naahhhh..ahaha..

Owhh yeaa...Jus now i ONLINE on a phone 4 d veri 1st tym..XD
Yeaa..Im hepi..N no nid 2 pay..i dno y..XD
emm..its Slef phone BTW..
Her kredit oso din lose cos i ONLINE...
so weird eii..



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