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Priscilla Tawie
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  'Imma giv u d world'
Posted at 10/26/2008 01:43:00 PM
decided 2 go in a diff direction 2dae..kekeke..XD

humm..dis pass few days?
quite borink..T_T
humm agen..l0ls..

anyways..Thx so much agen vr0..=D

oh yee..
mumy n chacha is dyingg....

2 more stinky weeks 2 holidaes..
2moro ady exam..T__T
oh w8..2moro is sch dae laaa..
2moro-2moro is exammeee..~
BUT not 4 me laa..d chinese having chinesee..

so b0red..till im writing dis blog while reading joke book..
ada ke ptt..
I tell u 1 joke arr..
Ah Beng n Ah Lok lock d car..n left d keys in da car..ahaha..STUPID DEM~
Ah Beng say "y dun v get a coat hanger 2 open it?"..
Ah Lok say"No,dat won work..ppl mite tink v r tryin 2 break in.."
Den Ah Beng suggest agen..
"wad if v use a pocket knife 2 cut arround d rubber?
den stick out finger in n pull up d lock"..
Den Ah Lok was lyk "NO..ppl mite tink v r 2 dumd 2 not use a coat hanger".
Den d kan cheong(nervous) Ah Beng shouted..
v btr tink fas..Its starting 2 rain n d sunroof is open.."..

More jokes?
Credits::Volume 1 Ah Beng Joke Book..


Oh yeee..!
I get 2 c d NEW apartment daddy bought..=D


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