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Posted at 10/02/2008 05:16:00 PM
Hari Raya 2nd day..
Im hungry..
waa..Not enuf eat..XD
Ystrd eat lyk wad..
Pikir mok control..
BUT luk wer it end me up in..


Thinking of cuttin my hair..
Knot make up my mind..
Cz i dno wna cut lyk how..
Im sick of layer hair..
Dats o..


Oh yea..
Dat day..
I dreamt..
My parents r jolly..
N laff 2 disturb ppl..
N den my lil sis n bro..
got left out my parents @ d supermarket..
It suppose 2 b a joke..
My lil siblings tot my prents leave em..
So dey join a group..
Deir i c one boy..Hehe..
No1 i noe..
BUT dno y i wna fyn him..=D
Quite hensom though..XP


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