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  'Lifes HARSH sumTyms'
Posted at 10/20/2008 10:19:00 PM
watsups wif my frens 2dae?

Db ok laa..
Mel make me feel lyk imma GHOST!!?
Onli Vro layan me tadi..
Pat lyk wna rampas mel 4m me..
I keep quiet till las period..
i rili cant stand it!!!!argh!?**
waktu science..
i ask mel if shud i w8 4 dem onot?
den she say im wif dem(pat n db)..
den Pat was lyk..tak payah tggu..
feel lyk biting sum1 now..

js now mel sms me..
she say i scold her dis dat la..
i din scold her puN..
i onli scold Pat..
melebih2 ady lerr..T____T
n now she make me darah tinggi liaw..
n im oso angry @ her 4 blaming me..
dis n dat!?**
emm..lazieee la wif dem..
Vro..tolong sayaaaa~

Oh ye..
jus now Hazmi say he lyk Vro..
n Chan was lyk disturbing her..
rmbr d JacqueLine incident??
well..its not actualli an incident..
its more lyk a purpose..
i scare it o happen..
wen it happen n Vro din trima
him..i dun scold Vro la of cos..=P
y m i sayin o dis here?
cos im angry @ Mel,Pat..
n Vro use celcom..
n DB no hp..
n no krdt..
lyk no frens 2 luah o dis out...
xcept my fs frens oo..
deir so nyc..^___^


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