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  'o HOT jam!'
Posted at 10/23/2008 09:17:00 AM
Does ev1 noe?
D fact dat im o HURT inside..
Rili HURTs rite now..
M i supose 2 b hepi?
since u build ur hepiness tru my tears..

I nid HELP..
real B-A-D..

I broke up wid him..
I test him actually..
yea..he din pass..
He say he lyk Vero..
so i jus giv her 2 him..
BUT watever..

Lets talk hepi2 now..
w8 nuttin hepi2 happen..T__T
ystrdy Vero receive luv ltr 4m C.Edgar(pink ltr)..
emm..she kna bully...
Emmm..her mum was suppose 2 come ltr..
Me n Pat ystrd..
Havta babysite 1 Putih..
Man..Real T-I-R-E-D..
i heard C.Ong hukum dem..
BUT watev laa..
I had F-U-N..

I hav 2 built another hepiness..
Since my laz one let me down..

y do U giv me such hevy challenge?
Please answer..

BTW..i made a poem bout ystrd..

How can dey slp?
Knowing dat dey jus did wad GOD tell dem not 2..
How can I slp?
Knowing dat my besfren get HURTS..

Im single..n HEARTBROKEN..
is dat evn rite?


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