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Posted at 10/18/2008 06:36:00 PM
My tummy HURT o day..
dun ask me wad happen

Me n Chan(Ayamkuw)..
@ kiosk..
wid a lot of frens laaa...
V din do anyTink BTW..

so b0red..
I wna eat curry chicken mix potatoes..

Adowh..tak baek..kempunan nanti..XP
Emm.. bored laaa..~
Oh no!?**
Me krdt omz finish..arrr!!!Nvm..
Ltr la i relod rm5 myself..
Hehe.knot owes depend on dady 2 relod eii..
Of cz i use his money..
Urrr..yea..its lyk im depending on him..
Argh!?**anymo questions??
Lalala..XD year..NEW year..
Omoz laaa...
Scared..PMR diz year ady finish..
next year im gna get mine..
Im real scared..
Next year I tink i wna j0in PRS..onLi..
Cz i laz wna join others..
Oh n mb permainan dalam 2..XP
BUT havta stay la-z laR..

Huff..Puff..Ouch..eii..wer did dat come 4m?
I noe im out of rhymii whymies..
BUT im dat not desperate..

So B-O-R-E-D..T___T


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