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Posted at 10/13/2008 04:02:00 PM
2dae so tiring laR..

Got Chan new num liaw..
no nid ask ady giv..wawawa..
well actually he mizKol me la...
2dae me n pat2 go sch mownink..
come bak noon fer PUM thingy..
Hehe..V 4got 2 couNt how many BUNS v sell..
Chappiee xur scold one..
cz v say v got write down...

2dae i wna go sch..
Hey 2moro my b-dae la..(14 oct)
Dno wad my besties r givin me..XP
Tink so faz..
skali tgk..
dey din giv anyTink...

Jz now while w8itin fer dady..
me n pat2 hang wif Beth n d gang..
1st tym actually..
Shes quite FUN..
BUT i no talk a lot laa..
cz i tak rpt wid dem..
wen dey start smokin..
i RUN away..
I hate d smell..
2 smelly..
BUT i tink fer dem..smokin is FUN..eww..
-no offence laaa-
I jz say wad i tink...

Den wen dady come..
v send pat home 1st..
baru v go 2 coffee shops while w8tin fer fifi n jeff2 come home from sch..
den..while @ BDC i tried 2 fyn d MAID..
-Mission Almost Impossible Done-
BUT knot fynn..T___T
So i go fyn dady lo..
BUT den i got lost...
dah la no krdt wna kol..
lucky dady kol me.. go home l 2dae..


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