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Posted at 11/08/2008 12:36:00 PM

Yes!!Holidaes 4 2 months..
Fter 2 week of sickening EXAM..
n 1 week of OFLININ..
finally can ONLINE 8 hours a dae..ahaha!!
Oh ye..
Im luking 4 a holidae job..
Hu wna hire me??Tell me k!
BUT onli jobs in Kuching laaa...

BTW,jus now wen 2 UNI SHOP wid my sis..
lols..Buy clcm num..2 msg Vero..hehe..menjimat..XD
emm..neways..fter dat..kempunan mok mkn @ d park..
lols..ppl go park 2 exercise..v go der 2 eat..ahaha..
emm..n den..omos raining..sob..T___T
dats y kempunan..!!!
den v run F-U-N..
BUT den mummy scold us..Y____Y
emm..den take bath..n so on...hek3~


[Wednesdae Post(4 Nov)]

Ooo..since i cant onLine on WED..
so i jus post wad happen on WED 2dae k..
WED kinda FUN..lols~

emm..Dibby jadi AH LONG..
she ask HUTANG from me n VERO..
cun oso mel HUTANG vero..
so MEL oso kena laa...
emmm..DIBBY ask me n VERO 2 tie ourself 2gether..
on d hand..ahaa..!den mel oso...
soo funni larr...
n FUN 2..wak3~
I miss dat dae..lols~
v walk here n der 2gether..
me n VERO onli laa..
dat tym MEL talk wid DB..n PAT help teacher...
oh yaa..dat test..v return buks..
V run around d klaz...2 chase DB..


ooo..on Thursdae..
Humm??wad happen??...
Oh ye..humm?..nuttin rite...

Nvm..On Fridae..
exam as usuall..
oh ye..Mel wna tell sumTink 2 pingu.. n a few frens..go n kol him..
but he dun i tell him la..
wad mel wna tell him..
He din take it 2..err..UNKNOWN...!!

Den me,VERO,SLEF...melepak in front of ppl hous..
near sch laaa...
emmm...sudenly..chan n geng throw tepung @ VERO..
n buat dek onli..den sudenly..
CHAN tikam tepung on my face...
N another VERO trow TEPUNG on my head..
den i stand up..try 2 fite bak..
BUT cant..T___T
den..ltr on..
chan put glitter on me n VERO..
BUT its was kinda FUN..ehehehe..~

Oh ye..not 2 4get...
ystrdy nite..wen 2 AARON hous 4 an OCCASION..
lalala...emmm..BBQ..n so on..

K laa..laz post daaa~

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