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  'pinkiee + blueee'
Posted at 11/02/2008 12:55:00 AM
Late Night post..l0ls..
Its 12:55am n i still haven sleep yet..l0lx..

I luph dis blue kalerr..lols..
my FRENSTER PROFYL updated layout + bout me..
schedule 2 2dae..
-fix sum1 blog layout-
-make a layout 4 Vero-

Ehehe..2moro daddy go Serian..
2 get sum durian..

lols..i jus made rhymie-whymies..XD

O wait...nvm..ahahaha...~

Finally dis pink work..XD
It took me a few minutes 2 get dis kalerrr..
Neways..I luph dis kaler 2..XP addicted 2 pink n blue n0w..ahaha..

Omos sch tym..
omos nid 2 iron shirt..l0ls..
i nuttin said liaw..dats y..=P

Oh ye..emm..wad m i suppose 2 say hor??..
i dno laa..

O ye..jus now vro n I talk on d hp 4 20 mintues+.. long..
she use her house phone 2 kol my hp..
imagine de bill her mother will have..
v hav so many topic...=)

Oh i owes say daaa..
instead of toodles..

k la toodles..


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