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  'Holidae INn'
Posted at 12/02/2008 12:41:00 AM
emm..jus now wen 2 Holidae Inn..
2 attend AZAM 25TH ANIVESARY..
n no..its not a wedding anivesary..
Its a company name..
1st2 i tot AZAM is sumbody..XD
BUT actually n0t..lols~

Neways..Ate a Lot..
i write d menu down k..
i)Hors D'oeuvre..[seafood i squid,crad cake,jellyfish,prawns..yep definitly seafood..]
ii)Fish Mouth[ok,BUT not so..XD]
iii)fried rice[ok la..BUT it taste weird]
iv)OvenBaked Chicken+Orange sauce[ feveret of d dae]
v)Steamed TiLapia[ate less..cos many bones]
vi)stir fry prawns wid cashew nuts in yam ring[nyc..BUT not so]
vii)braised sea cucumber with fish mouth n green vege(brocoli)[Bluekss..XD]
viii)Chill longan wid almond beancurd[yum2]

neways..jus now..
i wen 2 toilet more den 3 tyms..XD
famous dee..=P

o ye..dady won sum award..=D
quite heavy trophy..XD

K laaa...DaaaaDaaaaa~

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