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  'Joe jonas a playboy'
Posted at 12/13/2008 01:48:00 PM
Thu, 13 November 2008 at 12:04 am
Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Cheated On Me

Taylor Swift is laying it all out there, calling her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas a cheater.

“[Joe and actress Camilla Belle] have been together for months,” Taylor tells OK!. “That’s why we broke up.” (Joe dumped Taylor over a 27-second phone call just last month. You do the math.)

It was reported yesterday that Joe, 19, has a new older love, 10,000 B.C. star Camilla, 22.

When asked if she and Joe are still friends, Taylor curtly replied, “We don’t talk.” (They haven’t talked since the break-up call.)

D news i found @
I read Jue cBox..
She n Steph B was talkin bout Joe n TayLor a long tym ago..
I hav no tym 2 google him..
BUT finally 2dae i foun d tym..XD
O hensom dudes r playboys..=]

Dat dae,
I read bout Miley Love Lyf..
She n Nick Jonas broke up a long tym ago..
I dno y..
Mb cos Nick wif Selena Gomez..
N dats y Miley mock n make fun of Selena on uTube..
o mb dey break up cos Miley kiss another dude..haha=]
N 7 things by Miley is refering 2 Nick..

I noe i receive news bout celebs 2 long..haha~

I jus got bak from 2nd hous..
I bareLy slp der..
1st nite..
I onLi slp 3 hourss..=]
Cos i cant slp..cos i w8 fer sum1 2 reply my sms..
so stupid hor..hehe..
I cant i disturb DB slp..
4am+ i wake her up..
Jus 2 sms wid me..

2nd dae..
Siaw Ching n Mei Ching cum wid 3 kids..n a guy..XD
Kuzies from Cbuu..

2nd nite..
I slp late..
acTually was suppose 2 slp early..
otherwise i cant wake up 7am nex dae..
wna go home cos Uncle Abdullad cumin 2dae..
N my dad havta get sum news from him..
My mum force me 2 wake up..=[
Den i slp on d sofa..
den she force me 2 wake up agen..
Den i eat sumTink n drink sum Taffeine..(Tea)
N den..i slp bak..XP
Den v wen bak..
I slp agen..
11am+ i woke up..
n take a bath..hek3~
so i can on9..=]

K laa..
Nuttin 2 talk bout..

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