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  'on9 por a while nee'
Posted at 1/08/2009 03:31:00 PM
I caj my ipod..
While blogging..

U noee..
Ady how many daes din blog..
Lyf feel so empty...

On Mondae(5 Jan)..
Go 2 sch lerr..
I havta wake up early..TT
Me got panda eyes..ahaha!!

Meet wid many frenss..
BUT i mish my fternoon session frenss/teacherss..

I go in class..
den wen class omos start i wna go out..
c0s i wonder y d teacher hvn come it yet..
dis teacher say..
I was she noe my name..
she ask me is dis 2 Biru??i say yess..
U noe..
I tot she is hu lerr..
rpa2nya Ezra Voon mum...xD

BUT 2 bad Melvina din come..
cos she omos lose herself..YY
Shes @ hospital 4 a few daes..

Tuesday(6 Jan)
So funny lerrr..
BUT bad2..cos my name got written by d prefects..

Vro c green spider on her buk..i tink..
den she do sumtink..
d spider fly 2 me..
N i was lyk AHHHH!!!
n d spider wen 2 my btol..
I try 2 hit it away...
BUT den my btol fall..
so i go n get it laa..
den..d spider was hangin on it..
I quickly threw my btol 2 my BM teacher..=b
His pants

Wednesdae(7 Jan)
got asembly...
Me n vro non stop

D headmaster say if v din brink our PJK clothes,
ltr v havta sewa it lerrr...ewwww~

dat dae lyk normal..
Nuttin rili happen...
I tink...xD

Onli dat i got hit on da head..
c0s i talk a lot durink class...

Thurdae(8 Jan[2dae])

I got scolded durink science lesson..
cos d teacher din hear me rite..
I say nuttin happen..
she was lyk..dun tink me i tink...
i ordy tell u..blablabla...

I got wet..spr wet cos d rain spr heavy..
got scolded..=(

Jus now..
Sejarah tym...
C.Jessing ask me 2 answer sum ques..
den i answer...
den he ask me 2 koL sum1..
so i luk aroundd...
N i say Shing Wang..
Den evry1 was lyk eee..yerrrr...-make sum noise-



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