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Posted at 2/04/2009 07:56:00 PM
Bagak=Big in Bdayuh lang

Jus now i dno shame go n simpLy ask ppL oo..xb
Me:Abng!Blanja kolok mee 1..ahahah..
Den i run away loe..
Deni 4got hu say..
Dia sruh km jdi pmpuan simpanan dia dlu..
N i was lyk..wadd..=='"

Jus now go sch got dance2 oo..
So tired..
N i owes jump den mlantun..hehhe..
Aiyo0...i lupp jumping..

Jus now decorate class oo..
So tired..
Dh lh havta carry d black big heavy pper agen..haiy0..
den wen i cum in2 clas,shing wang ask me i buy oso har..
Den i kluarkan his..
N den i say..Hah?!u buy oso arrr..
Den he say yeLoe..
Den i was lyk aiyooo...
Den he ask me how much i buy..
Den i say RM34.70...
Den he say hah!?u dno how 2 jmat kh?
Den i say..wadd!!My one kualiti bgus marx....

K la...Daaaaaaaaaaa~

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