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Posted at 3/07/2009 03:47:00 PM
Craziee of Knowno songs..
download 8
get d webbie from Akak Melco..xD

Knowno is a rapper from Sarawak..
He sings bahsa Swak songs n sum eng too..
DARNN!!Im addicted 2 his songs..
So feelin one bh..hahaha..

I most lyk...
Kisah Cinta Liya,AKhir Cinta Liya,
NonoNono,Seperti Dirimu,
Serba Salah,Jerit Kembali,

U guys can oso fyn his songs on uTube..=)

2dae fiey2 bdae bh..hek3~
actualy wna go eastmore der n eat..
BUT fiey2 got dancing clasS..
wad 2 do..
so 2moro go loe..

2nyt got Melvin & Jennifer bby soap..
unknown lh..
BUT its 2 raikan der newborn bby..
so long din c Jennifer bh..
ady 3years i guest..
BUT i still can rmbr how she luk lyk..

Hari Sukan omos here..
3-4 ApriL..
cant wait bh..
Vero will teach PAUS 2 cheer..^^v
wil try 2 b better den MARLIN dis year..
wna get big2 hamper oso marxx..
ystrdae got perjumpaan rumah sukan bh..
go PAUS,go PAUS!!~
Ckg Tan ask me 2 run bh,,
she say i tipu her wen i say i dno how 2 run bh..

Ystrdae got ko0p ambk gaji bh..
me,Dby,Mel oni got rm1.50..
d smallest gaji i evr get one bh..
BUT i apreciate it...

K lh...

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