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  'Cant concetrate..=(
Posted at 3/30/2009 04:50:00 PM
"Sumdae u fyn my dissaperance in yer dream,
u realise how bad u nid me,
n dat u began to apreciate me..."


Can't concetrate lh..TT

I oni did penghargaan n Kaedah kajian nee,,


My heart HURTss lotsss...hue3

Dno til wen i can stand it..

It rili DAMN hurts...

I den realise wad im going to lose,
BUT i jus dono wad to do,
BUT cryy..
Mby everytink happen foe a reason,
I just dun understand,
Wad i did i do to deserve o dis pain..
Mby its tym to sacrifice and let go,
BUT if dat happen,
Dats mean im selfish..
No!I won stop in the middle,
I try n walk..
BUT i dun tink i can,
Im just scared..
Scared of losing sumone dat i care,
Not agen!!
BUT i jus dono wad to do,
o i noe,is to b EMO and cry my pain silently..


I just dun understand,
y o dis happen in one dae,
mby God is trying to test me,
BUT i dun tink i can pasS..

im a christian,
O i jus gotta do now,
is relaxx..
N hope God gives me d besS..


Let's jus hope,
its o a dream,
N wen i wake up,
I wil lauf wif HER~..
N i wil make HIM hepii..
Lyk owes..


Am i being to sensitive?
c0s me n HIM stil 2gether,
jus dat i dno wadsup wif HIM since jus now,
im afraid to lose,
Im afraid his lyk other GUYS ive meet,
Im afraid...


I miss her laufter,
dat make a dae perfect..


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