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  'Cho Kenyang'
Posted at 3/08/2009 04:20:00 PM
Babun berleluasa..xD

ystrdae 12am cum bak from baby soap arr..
TT~dady omos kiL us o..
Drunk n drive..bad2..

Me & Aaron...
Haiz!!so darkk bh..pict jdi ugLy..YY~

Tgh jalan,middle of the nyt..ish3~

She try 2 shuffle BUT faiL..
+ pict so blur..TT..lousy..

Nuttin btr 2 do..

ystrdae wen arive @ Uncle Joseph house..
everybody ady eatt..
we cum late..
c0s havta stop by Tbuan Jaya 2 buy bby hamper..
den havta send mumy dancing summ0re..haiz!!

i din eat a lot..
dno y..
mby no apetite kot..huhu..

I cum der trus kena buli Aaron bh..
so unlucky..TT~

den Daniel,Gibson,Aaron o koL me bdk tak kna lyn..
i tervomite shandy @ Aaron...
His whole body bau beer..ahahhaah..=D
i told him,,
its my second tym vomiting @ him..
1st tym is wen me n him eat biscuit atas tangga @ kampungg..
hahahhaha...sudenly i vomite biscuit @ him..
So funny...xb

Gibson,Heroger,DanieL play fiting..
den i menyampukk..
i sayy.. disiplin here..
trus kena BOOOOO...XD

Me @ elephant cafe..

Dis fternoon wen 2 elephant cafe 2 eat..
waaaa..bil so pretty bh..xD

i eat a full oo..

Den havta wait long2 4 dady 2 finish meeting..

Apple Crumble Vanilla Ice Cream

BlueBerry Ice Cream

Cheesy Beef Steak..

Chicken MaryLand

Green Tea PepperMint

Chocolate Milk Shake

Strawberry Yogurt..


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