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Posted at 3/05/2009 03:03:00 PM
Priscie Her..

Ystrdy on9 but 2 lazy 2 update blog..
n,n oso reply cmnts @ fs bh..XD

Ystrdae(4 Mac)..haiz!!
Ckg Jessing kawenkan me & titus..
shud b vero wif him bh..TT
Titus threw water at Vero..
BUT kena me akhiryh..
Den i throw @ him oso..
BUT terkena Terry & Boniface..
Den Terry go n simbah byk2 air @ me..
my uniform,beg,buks,evn shoes wet..YY~
Den i kejar him kluar klas..
nang malu I..ahahaha!!^^

Wad happen 2dae??hmmm,,
Jus now kantoii me wif Pat..
I write her pict Pat ngegehh..
Den she c lh..
BUT luckily she din question me much..fiuuhh!!~

O ye,,
On Mondae(2 Mac)
I take mel pict..
Den sudenly bhyn me got ckg faathienn bh..
My PS teacherr..
Kantoii lh tek..
He say "HAH!JGN BWA HP"..
N i wus lyk..
OMG!since wen dat teacher bhyn me..=D

Still @ Alan Saloon..

Oh ye..
On Sundae i cut my hair @ Alan Saloon @ Boulevard..
my sis pay rm35 4 d lousy work...
on Tuesdae i ask Jess 2 make it short & nycer..
n yea..she cut nycer..=)

Jess bhyn der..xD

jus now got pameran @ my skul..
buks lh..
oso got college n evn hair..
n i found out d ppl hu cut ppl hair..
is d sme ppl hu cut my hair..
dh lh dey cut ppl hair 4 free..TT~
if i noe,,
i cut my hair jus now n not dat dae arr..

Its luks..DEAD..ahaha..Dead edit..jus lyk Vero said..XD
background is @ Kiosk PUM..Our tempat lepak..

Banduan Tandas-Beth,Me,Vro-

Us 4..Pity dem 2..

Vero & Boniface..-Tak sesuai-

Vero & Terry-Kiutezz..-

Made by mee..=D

K lh..

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