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Posted at 3/13/2009 04:41:00 PM

On Tuesdae(10 Mac) so sad bh..;-(
My hp go 4 holidae wid da teacher..uhuhuhu..
luckily oni 1 dae holidae,,
Vero hp oso kna rmps..
Hers 1 teacher ady donate 2 ppl loe..

On Wednesdae(11 Mac),,
dady cum skul n meet ckg eileena..
den get my hp..yay!!
BUT wen i cum bak,,
My bat empty..huhuhuhu..sad2..

On Thursdae(12 Mac),,
I hate Micheal Quek!!~
He ask ppl 2 maen tembak tym ujian..
so weird~
So i saylh..
Ee ckg!mna blh ajr bdk2 maen tembak..
Nnti mrk ggl mcm mna??
Trus he say,,
SHUTUP u!!I noe ur father,ltr i tel him..
I was lyk..
Wad the!!,,
Correctlh wad i say..CHICKEN!!

On Fridae(13 Mac),,
No nid 2 c Micheal Quek face..yay!!
Jus now..Vero giv me 6 buns 2 share wif da others..
I end up eating 3..waaaaa...
Alice was lyk,
waaa!!Priscilla u eat sum much ar...XD
Den vero nyc2 blanja chicken..
rm2 stupid..XP

O ye,,
evry dae i teman kapel VeroCent bh...=D
so funni..ahahahhaha!!~

K lh...

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