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  'So loooooNg'
Posted at 3/28/2009 12:39:00 AM
On Saturdae(14 Mac) wen 2 sch wif dear2..

O yh,Fridae(13 Mac) slp late..ahahhahaha!!
Chat on YM wif zie and vero and Nick..
I tink lyk 1am+ slp bh..
I of9 12 omos 1..hahaxx~
Dh lh,nxt dae i wake up early..huhu..

Den Satudae nyt got AF7...
Aril hot lyk iceee...
He luks koreanyy..=D
I oso lyk Aisyah and Hafis AKA Aizat..
Den,den Zizi luks kiut bh,,
Den fter AF i on9..
fyn zie n Vero bh..
Den,den kra2 12am+ i tried 2 put s0ngs in2
my mm0ry kad BUT its corupted..*LOUSY*
So..i din slp lh c0s of dat..ahahha!!

Den on Mondae(16 Mac) go Pat hous lh,,
2 mlepak/blueto0th loe..
c0s i go n reformat evrytinkk,,
lose lh..BUT sum important2 pict din lose lh..
Den fter pat go 2syen,i lepak wif Chels lh..hehehexx..
Den u n0e,,
wen i got bak home..
my dad say wadd 2 my mum...OMGosh!
He say i got bf bh,iban lgi 2..ngee..iban keRr??=b
Dey bwt dek onli lh..hehehexx

Oh yh,Sundae(15 Mac) i got shock by electric..TT
I was charging,,
den d iccident happen...
Got lytning..It burn my fan..S0bs~
Den dat nyt..ahhahha..
i cuk food..din turn out..nvr wna cuk agen..

On Tuesdae(17 Mac) can watch TV agen lerr..yippee!!XD

Thursdae(19 Mac) wen 2 2nd hous,,
were der tiL 21 Mac..
Nuttin happen..hek3~

Den on 21 Mac nyt,,
i tertdo fter watch AF..lolss..
den kra2 12am+ w0ke up..
trus cri gdh..hehehe..xb
i dno y,i dno how..
i dno y/how i cry..hee..
Cant slplh fter dat..
kcu mmpi orng sja my keja..
den 2am+ slef msj..
heee...we msj til 3am+ lh...
den i slp...lolss..

Den d nxt dae,sundae(22 Mac)
still larat to go to church bh...heeee..xb

"Sumdae u fyn my dissaperance in yer dream,
u realise how bad u nid me,
n dat u began to apreciate me..."

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