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Priscilla Tawie
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I w r i t e for a living!
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Full time food addict.
Part time day dreamer.

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  'wads wrong wif me?'
Posted at 3/29/2009 03:19:00 PM
We're two no longer besties..s0e..~

Wna collect money to buy new uncorupted mm0ry card,

jus now plan to do kerja kursus,
BUT sudenly,plan change..
heee,i download s0ngs foe my ipod..
wyl watching spa q 2 on9..
I hate last epis0ds..dey owes finish unfinsh..
n den,i add sum stuff on my blog..
den do d music playlist..sum songs got from joelle n juliana's playlist..
den now,im blogging...heh~
until 2moroe oso knot finish do..;b

riLi satisfy wif my blog now..heee~

Hey Vero,
U shud do blog on blogger,
instead @ frenster..

Jus now,d Wilfred guy kol me..Ngee,,
He say,he is Muhd Nor & Jalil bro..heran~
pdhal his name is a christian name..
HAHA!he lie blindly..=D

Later,wna go shopping foe pants n shirts..
Wif mumy..~wyl bullying big bro~

I to blog,
BUT i dno wad to blog..
Life so BORED~

Lets just do eMo qu0tes..
N b eMo til Tern msj me agenn..=b

Y do ppl owes c my bad syds,
instead of d gud tinks ive done.
Y do ppl owes judge me without luking.
Dats life,
Full of meaningless tinks..
Tinks dat cant b xplen now,
N den...
Sumtyms,der r tinks dat meant to stay unknown,
c0s the truth owes hurts..
BUT without the truth,
we wil b blinded by the lies..

*Original Priscie*

I botol up o our past,
n try to move on,
I act as if nuttin ever happen,
n i try to 4get i meet you..

*Adapted from Vero*
*Modify by Priscie*

If one dae im gone,
DUN 4get the little tinks ive done 4 u,
DUN 4get the tyms wen i HURT u,
DUN 4get how i make u lauf,
DUN ever 4get ME..

*Original Priscie*

If one dae,
I make u cry,
Promise me,
U won leave me..

*Original Priscie*

Priscie Hepi EMO..
So Emo0z~

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