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  'Fort Magherita'
Posted at 4/04/2009 06:51:00 PM

Jus now go to Fort Magherita wif Vero,
so fun n bes BUT creepy...=)

b4 dat,
go to open air market,
evry1 ask me,vero n phy 2 order der fud..
akhiryh we orderlh..
den eat,eat..
den v go tandas,c0s vero n phy wna chg shirts,
so chg lh...
vero havta go in twice 2 chg,lolss...

den walk2 4 a wyl,
den go 2 medan pelita,
den sudenly phy bf wna cum,
so cumlh..hehexx,
den she terpsah wif us..
den she ask us 2 go 2 parkson,
c0s she n her bf wna eat..
so me n vero go parkson lh...
byk bdk2 zaman skrg..=D
xcluding me n vero..lols..
c0s we wear lyk bdk alim sja..;b

den @ parkson,
we kna kculh...spti besalh..
bdk2 zaman skrg bh..

wen me n vero wna go 2 cineplex,
wen we msk da lif,
sudenly sum boys cum n talk 2 us,
so i talk osolh..lols,
knot b lawa,ltr sumtink2 else happen,
jus layan BUT @ da same tym b borink..=b

i 4got how d conversation goes bh,
so..i jus start from da middle,

BOY 1:cna kh?
BOY1:skulh mna?
BOY1:sna mna lh,kuching high kh?
Me:Sikdalh,kat cyalh...
Me:Vero?..Kta skulh mna?..
*vero bls msj,din talk 2 me*
BOY1:mnta kis lok,
Me:taknaklh...*luk other place*
BOY1:1 kiss sjalh...
BOY1:mnta num hp,
Me:sikda hp lh..
BOY1:mntalh lok..*taking out his hp*
den he block our walkaway,
my heart ady berdegup liao....
den he stil block,
den he giv up,so he giv us golh..XD

me n vero go cineplex,
fuhhh..nuttin 2 c,
so we go down lh....
den sudenly go dis 3 st3 gurls,
one was crying,
den dat tym vero tgh msjlh..
one of da gurls say,
so i was scare so suddenlh..
c0s d guy hu tuk her hp,
is d sme guy hu disturb me...=|
dey ask if we wna 4lloe dem fyn onot,
den i dun wanlh..c0s scared sumtink happen,
Vero mcm wna go..
den i say,hmm..dis cud b fun...
so i say..oklh...
den dey ask agen,
wer is dat guy now?
i say dey jus go cineplex bh...
so dey go derlh...hmm,,

den me n vero round parkson,
c0s nuttin btr 2 do,
round n round n round,
den v found phy n her bf...

den we walk3..
4 a wyl nee...
den,we saw d guys hu disterb me...
den fter dat,
we leave phy alonelh...
den we go to fort magherita....

on d way 2 fort magherita,
we use sampan..
50cents nee..hehehe...=)
so cheap...
den wen i go in da sampan,
i sakai a lil bit lh..
c0s i nvr use bh...
i so scared summore,
c0s d sampan goyang2 bh...
ney ndak..XD

so wen we arrive,
we saw sum village houses...
i tot wrong place,
den i ask lh wer is fort magherita,
d untie say go in,den go up da stairs...
so we msklh..
msk n msk,tak jga smpi...
den i ask agenn,
den dey say d sme tink...
so we msk n msk agenn...
go up da stairslh...
den walk n walk agenn...
den we saw sum tapak perbnaan...
so we msk n msk...
den we saw sk gersik..
den we msk n msk agenn..
smpi akhiryh...=)

wen we go in,
we saw a guard,
so we ask,can go in onot?
he say can..
den i say,
can take pict?4 sej kja kursus,
he oso say can...

so we msklh..
BUT we dun dare bh...XD
den vero go in 1st...
den me..lols,,
we saw senapangs...many summ0re..
den we go in 1 blik..
sudenly we saw a guard,
we tot is hu arr...=b
so we ambk gmbr summorelh...
den,wyl i take pict of da bgnn model,
i feel cold2 i scared lh...

den go in dis one place,
its penjaralh...
waaaaa...myramkn insyd der...

den go in 1 place agenn..
its a grassie area...
got many cannon arr...
so i gues its a tmpt wer ppl BOM lh..
den got 1 room,
its kol skull room...
c0s got skull pict on da do0r..
den insyd der oso got real skull ar...=|

den got one place,
not so far from da skull room,
is da place wer charles brooke luk@kch..lols,,

den we wen to c da grave yard...
BUT FUN.......=]

den take picts lh...
sudenly my hp low bat,,SHIT!!=.=
so cant take pict neem0re..hue2..
so jus use vero onelh...hish!!

den we go up da stairs,
BUT nuttin upstaits,
so go downlh..

2nyt mby cant c af lh...
c0s havta do da elemen 1 4 sejarah..='(


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