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  'Gud Fridae evry1'
Posted at 4/10/2009 08:21:00 AM
Y m i not in church now?
lolss..i oso dno..
BUT im currently fasting from o d kolok mee,teh c peng n kueh chap,
i currently hav outsyd der..=b

dis week mby d WORSE week ever!!
non-stop bad luck lh..huhuezz..
i owes terbite my mouth,
wich ppl say its real badd..
its either sum1 talking bout u bhyn,
o sumtink bad3 is gna happen..=[

on mondae(6/4/o9),
my 1st dae of 2syn..
oso my 1st dae of nytmare..
i nvr tot,
dat she wud invyt her 2 her hous..=(
dh lh her hous hav HIM empunya hous...huezz2..
BUT nvmlh...
@ least i get 2 c HIM in my dream...

den on Tuesdae(7/4/o9),
more worse tink happen...
he say she so seksi...
i was lyk oh!...XD
c0s i n0e,
i hav no ryts 2 argue..
c0s,me oso owes c boys n praise dem bh..
den she n she tot i angry @ dem..
i was lyk PRASAN!!=b
wad foe i angry lh?
no use one..heh~
more gud i on9lh...

On wednesdae(8/4/o9) more stuff happens..
gud2 im d one hu wna brbaek..
BUT she tak trima..
mlh she mock me one lh..
SHIT ar!!..
say me no sincere wadlh2..
HELLO!!so gud ordy i wna spon pper,
n start 2 brbaek..
mby u d one hu not sincere onelh..
i noe ur job is 2 rmps boys onli lh..
u tink i noe u jus ystrdae kh?
each hncem boys u c,
u fall in larv,den u wna get dem s ur own..
dh lh dh da grk,hish!!=|
rili piss of her..XD
oh BTW,
its my lil bro bdae dis dae!!
BUT i onli eat so little lh..huez..
dno wads wr0ng wif my stomach dis dae,
asyik2 dun hav slera..

oh dis dae oso,
got hand ball championship @ sch...
so many guys,hot n spicy oso got...=D
BUT not my type..lolss..
BUT c dem just 2 cci mata....ahahahha!!
BUT i still larv HIM lh..
den i say his sch bh,SMK JLN ARANG..
1st2 vero c lh..lolss..
wen dey saw me,dey were lyk..
i was noe..hahaxx!!~
so fter v go kdi apek,dey ask us 2 brink dem 2 kdi apekk..
so v brinklh..
WE=me,mel n vero...
den v lepak wid dem 4 a wyl..
Bdo pnya Gonz..XD
i bru sja say his nme lembut2 he ady stud..
BTW,i wna b0ro his hp,2 msj HIM..
BUT he dun wan giv..
huhu..takpe2..sbar je lh..xb
dh lh i kna mrh HIM..huhu..nvm2..
my fault,my fault..hehexx

On Thursdae(9/4/o9),
2dae,me n her brbaek loe..hehexx..~
oh2,pa gk hoe?..
2dae stil got hand ball...
saw mny more boys..=b
got 1 bdk TJ tak hnti2 say jeremy...
i feel weird..c0s dey say dat nme @ me..
den dey ask 4 my num..
so i giv my ic num..
wen i say 941014,dey tot is hous num..
Dey msh lgi 2lis dat num..heh~
den i kna buli ckgu quek euu len..huhu...
n oso ckgu pnjng umur-lee fu chong..
wad agen hoe?
2dae got 2syn bh...
i sell mel n vero num 2 Hancen n Farouq...
den hancen giv me st joe kid num,
2 kna sell..
so i sell @ mel n dbylh..
ady bcum number seller..
err...mcm apa plak..=b

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