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  'Hari sukan pertama!'
Posted at 4/04/2009 06:05:00 PM
3rd april,,
hari sukann...
so HAWT!!~
was sweating lyk wadd arr...:b

1st2 wen i cum i luk left n ryt 4 cheers paus..:D
den i luk n luk n luk,,
till i saw Lu Hui,
den she brink me to Kuan Lee Lee,
hu was wif Evonne..
Den we wait fer Vero,
wait n wait n wait..
til we saw her n her untie under d roof walkawayy..
den i was lyk wer is phylisca?
so i kol her,shes on her way..
so wyl we wait fer phy,
wait n wait n wait,
sudenlly ckg daisy scold us,she say..
i was lyk,err...scared??...
den i kol phy agen,
she say she ordy @ da gate,
so we wait lh..
den we c her loe,
den we go dewan.....
wait n wait n wait...
den we go to khemah paus,
den i go komplen @ da teacher loe..hehexx,

den fter dat,
pembarisan tym..
i was lyk OMGosh,panic2...
den wen ordy go in2 our line,
sudenly many idea cum,
so i tell it 2 jacky lh...
den he say ok2..
den he tell d others,,
legalh ckit..

BUT wen cum 2 our turn 2 do lintas hormat,
our performance..uwaaaaa....
can gues dat we're last lh..
paus so quiet,
o my idea,jacky din do arrr...hish!!..
teacher say knot psng lgu 2 do our performance,
so i ask jacky 2 tell d others,
2 clap lh wyl cheerleaders dance,
Jacky 4got 2 giv command bh..
so PAUS quiet lh dis year,
n,n cheers o bcum statue msa last step..shit!!=.=
bc0s jacky din giv command so dey din do wad
was plan lh...haizz...mmalukanlh...=|
so den i rmbr dat i shud clap so cheers o scream out paus,
den i clap,
still no 1 wna 4lloe..
den i clap more,
i ask myself,y no 1 wna scream liao?
den i clap summore,
baru we scream pauss...=b


So den,
fter pembarisan nuttin 2 dolh...
so we lepak @ phylisca hous 4 a wyl,
den fter dat we go hui sing n eat..hukss..

den,wen cum bak skul..
was tinking of sum1 lh...
sudenlly dat sum1 in front of me...
1st2 i dnolh,
c0s i rabun bh...
so i stare at him,
den he stare bak....
den wen i cum near,
baru i twu it was him...XD

Den sampai @ skul,
lepak wif melvina,adk mel,n patricia..=)
lepak @ blok A,
saw syamsul n genglh..
sitting near us..
den syamsul n mel stil msj..heh~
den my phone low bat,
so i terpaksa use adk mel hp..
den i uselh..xb
den we move go blok b..
den i bought Pyuko ice cream,
ist2 i buy,it was rm1,,
den 2nd tym,it w as rm1.60...
i was lyk dun hav 60cents lh...
dat tym,cun syamsul ada,
so i boro his muny unintendedly..XD
den i giv baklh last2..
he was lyk

den pat havta go bak..awww...

den left me n mellh..
so me n mell dcyd to chg hp,
so chg lh...
den i msj syamsul,mel msj tern...
so msj3 lh..
den adk mel say wna go home,
so go homelh..hmmm..=b

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