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  'Kekasihku Seru'
Posted at 4/12/2009 11:00:00 AM
So xciting kekasihku seru lh,
watch it on

jus start da dae,
so dno wad 2 say lh..

oh iyha..
2nyt go 2 uncle joseph hous,
he jus won jackpot..
so much money sum more..
getting 4wd 2 meet aAron..

Las nyt,
got aF..
1st2 im thinking of jus onlinin,
n dun wan 2 c..
c0s it makes me so sleepy..
den wen HE say got aliff aziz...
i trus
Alif Aziz sing 2 hati mjdi satu wif Aisyah..
BUT i miss it..=[
wen i go out 2 c,
Yazid was bout 2 sing wif Yazer..
BUT den wen Aril name cum out..
oh MAN!!..
my eyes r wide open..
he so HAWT~
kcian him..his mum kna curi ADAM..=D
+ jus noe,
his bike is pink,he laRv teddies,n oso his bantal busyuk..
1st tym c guyy lyk dat...
he sang aku dan dirimu wif marsha..
marsha v0ice so..errrr....~
mby tak besa sing lerr..
o mby her v0ice not cun wif low tone..
der wer GREAT!!...
oh iyha..
i oso miss HAFIS..=(
BUT nvmlh..hehexx..~

Sidi go out..XD
was hoping fer Isma 2 go out,
BUT her marks..
so high..urgh!!=[

cant stop downloading songs dat i hear..
evry dae xur got new song in my ipod one bh..xD
wad 2 do,wad 2 do..
now currently downloading Aku dan dirimu...
my 2nd huby sing last nyt wif Marsha...

K lh..

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