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  'Oh gosh!!'
Posted at 5/19/2009 03:03:00 PM
Ystrdae i reciv i veri shocking kol from
So shock..Shocking~
Wna noe hu izit from?..
Its from uncle,,
his dad...=D
1st2 i tot,he was fo0ling ar0und wif his dad hp,
s0 i msj himlh..i ask,did he ply his dad hp?
c0s his dad miskol me..hahaha!!..
Dat tym i was slpy,wyl dat i was hearing s0ngs..
wen my phone rang,i say.."hsy!!disteb ppl hear s0ng onli'..
hu n0es,its rili his dad bh..hahahaha!!=D

yLh2,his dad owes i tot skul @ Arang bh...
we chat bout him 4 a
his dad even invyt me 2 his hous,on gawai..yay2 !!...

2dae Ckgu Chiang(Sc teacher) din cum,,
so sadd..=(

ystrdae teachers dae...
so funlh...
i write d0wn wad happen..
den ver0 to0k sum pict using ckgu jessing camera..haha!!
durink d teachers dae assembly,i lepak wif Asyraf,Piee..n,n Vero..
BUT mostly wif d gurl prefect wh0m i dno her nme is..=b

Ckgu lee fu chong n joe giv Vivia Chong
shes d one hu sang a few s0ngslh..
so damn kiut her v0ice...

den ltr,
me,mel,vero, dby,pat,beth,cass...
acc0mp0nied wif junk fun n c0la..
we lepak in da clslh..dno wer 2 go bh..
we mix c0la wif ment0s..haha!!..

lepak @ blok a stairs...
n,n evrytym d teacher pass by..
we xur 2 sing,'SLAMAT HARI GURU'..
d tone is lyk 'SLAMAT PAGI CKGU' in upin ipin..
wen me,vero,mel giv d present oso i sing..

k lh,,

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