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  'Our School Celebrates Teachers’ Day '
Posted at 5/21/2009 09:56:00 PM

Our School Celebrates Teachers’ Day

By Priscilla Tawie

Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 18th May here in SMK DPHA Gapor,Stampin.We celebrated it in the school hall. We began to assemble before 7am. As we waited for the celebration to begin, some of us were rather restless and started to talk loudly. Just before the arrival of the teachers and then our principle, the master of ceremony (MC), Roneyson Elan roared in the PA system, telling us to keep quite. Suddenly, the hall was silent.

The principle and the teachers took their seat. Moments later, the MC reminded everybody to stand up and sing the National Anthem, Negara Ku. This was followed by the reciting of “Doa” by Mohd Syukri. Then we, the students, took our pledge of loyalty led by Hakim. The teachers, too, took their pledge led by Cikgu Spencer. The next item was the reading of a speech of Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin by Cikgu Mahani. Cikgu Yong Chee Kieng read the speech of the director-general of Education Malaysia. The school’s head prefect, Tan Chin Cheong, and school’s principle also gave their speeches. A student representative later presented the school’s principle with a memento after she had finished delivering her speech.

The highlight of the celebration was the presentations of the Most Dedicated Teachers’ Awards. Sound of clappings and round of applauses filled the hall when Roneyson announced the names of Cikgu Stephen Ong and Cikgu Chong Li San.

The performances by the students came next.

The first to perform were the form sixth students, Jamayah and Siti Azwa, reading a poetry. Then it was Vivia Chong’s turn, to sing her heart’s out. Her voice was so sweet that Cikgu Lee Fu Chong and a school perfect unashamedly went to the stage to present her with flowers. The next performance was by the representatives of Pandu Puteri , showing off their skills in hip-hop dancing. This was later followed by the representatives of form sixth merah performing the traditional dance. Members of the Tang So Do also displayed their skills in the martial arts by doing a sketch. The female prefects came next, with their Cha Cha dance. The school’s Boys Brigade showed off their band performance while the members from the Scouts and St John Ambulance entertained us with their choir.The last show was the reciting of poem by a group of students. The celebration ended with the singing of the School Anthem and the State Anthem. In conclusion, the celebration was fun and memorable. Hopefully, next year’s celebration would be the same or even more interesting.

This is wad the laporan for the school bout Teachers Day luks lyk,its g0nna b paste on da papan dun 4get 2 c k..evn though u ady read ovr here..=D

neways,wna noe sumtink,dis is my original laporan BUT kena edit by my dis is my unoriginal original laporan..xD

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