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  'So long din on9'...=b
Posted at 5/15/2009 11:33:00 PM
Its been a long tym since i din on9 bh..=b
so lazy bh..haha!!
Now,i got tym 2 on9 4 blogging onilh..
lazy wna on9 @ fs..
fter PMR lh i on9 der..ahaha!!
BTW,PMR omos nearlh..
gotta study fast..hehe..=]

dis few daes,rili borink lh..

+ i dno wad medicine ckgu jessing take,
BUT he tba2 wans 2 married me..
i noe wad medicine..=b
yh,BUT its iritates..+ disgusting..

Nxt m0ndae is teachers dae..=)
Im g0nna giv Mdm Chiang,strepsils..
N,n me,Vero & Mel g0nna berganding bahu,
2 giv da teacher sumtink...ahaha!!
I plan 2 giv evry teacher hu teach us,
n,n sum teacher trima hdiah sampingan lh..
lol..sum onilh..not o..ahaha!!
im not dat rich..=b
g0nna giv ckgu ellena sciss0rs n selotap..
Ckgu Zul twisties(c0s he ever rampas vero twisties)...
Ckgu Faathien drawing block,(c0s he owes constribute pper 4 us)..
hu agen ar?...
Ckgu chiang strepsils....
Ckgu Margarate,hacks..i dno y..=D
n den,was planning 2 buy belt 4 ckgu jessing,
BUT nahh..
I rather buy him s0mboi,(c0s he krng asam)..xD
oh2,n,n last but not least...
ckgu roslee,buy him markers...
c0s barely teach us bh..
he owes arah us 2 do n0ta,den he d0es his own job..
( by sitting down n staring @ us),,

oh iyha,,
dat dae..i was talking 2 vero n gary..
den,sudenly ckgu chiang say..
"Priscilla,i gonna get ur hous number..i gonna kol ur mother,
n tell her 2 feed u less..u talk so much.."..xD
n den,vero say..
"2 much calcium.."..haha!!

another n vero lwat msuk bh..
trus havta clean da lab..
Den d sme daelh,
Titus keep on talking nonsense..
ckgu chiang trus marah..
den v 3 clean da lab..
Titus wipe d wind0ws lh..
den fter rhat..
ckgu chiang fyn me..
she say d lab wasnt clean enuf..
s0 me n vero n titus wif addition gdeon hu did nuttin wr0ng,
clean d lab d nxt dae..=D

Hepi mothers dae is last sundae..
i din get anytink 4 mumy..=b
BUT dis sundae is her bdae...
was tinkin of designing a bdae kad 4 her..=)

k lh,,
nuff said..=)

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