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Posted at 5/21/2009 10:17:00 PM
I jus got bak from 2syn..

Tired of laufing..=D
I owes mke weird j0keslh..haha!!,,

Jus now,2syn maths teacher wna kill an innocent butterfly bh...
den i say,"Have simpaty to the one hu's g0nna mke its kubur ltr"..
Hahahahaha!!..2 bad nobody listen..=|
nvm3...Pat got listen,oh n d teacher 2..BUT he bwt2 taktwu...

Den pat tell me dat..was..dat..i was lyk,,
Rili?..n den i peep..n uwaaaa...xD

Syazwan lurves Indo..=D
Verii cheap bh.....

my 1st tym in 5 years,i kena r0tan bh... TT..
He ask me,"wer is my calculator?"..
I p0int @ my latihan n say,"uwaa..cntkyh s0alan ini"...
den,he ask me agen...
i say lupa loe..den my hand shaking n sweating bh wen he ask me to angkat my hand..

Oh iyha,2dae im early...=)

2dae,dun hav do anytink in da cls...
c0s the chinese hav chinese
so me,mel,vero jus play2 in cls loe..
hahaha!!no lh,no lh..
we do revision on maths..rjnyh..~

n den,fter rehat,change cls bh..huks..
i still in da sme cls lh..d huks is for..
chan!..he go in my cls..huhu..=(
mcmlh dun hav other cls..sesakyh mta i..
n den,vero oso cabar my patience bh...
she owes say i still lyk chan..
in front of chan summ0re..hsy!!~...
sbr sjalh..i talk so much,oso she still
say d sme tink oso bh..
huhu..ckgu ert marah me in front of dem..

K lh..dhaaa~

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