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  'Bad dae'
Posted at 6/12/2009 11:39:00 PM
2dae whole dae bad mud..T__T
i dno y i bad mud,wen he go 4 kdt polis..
so senCtive lerrr..
Bt cRiusly bh..
evr since,gt kdt polis pict in his hp,
i kbratan wna giv him go bh..T_______T


n0w he ady slp ler..huks..
n01 2 msj xcept fer olga..wad 2 do..
he s0 tired bh...T__T

jang jus me on9 @ ym..
s0 i quit playing ps2,jus 2 chat wif him...
but i ady @ ym,he plak off9..

las nyt,an0ther weird dream lh...huhu~
got dis one gh0st gurl..kips on hunting me n my frens..
she keep on killing o my cl0sest frens bh...
s0 dat wan,one!!,,
evrytym she cums 2 hunt ppl/kill ppl..
xur g0t "kisah traher" s0ng bh..
i dno wad/wh0se is dat...
BUT my fren hu i dno hu appear in my dream said s0..
ahahahaha!!..s0 n0w i wna g0ogle d s0ng l0e...
ady 2 dae,i dreamt d same tink..
n0t same tink lh,jus lyk c0ntinue wan bh..
n,n 2nd tym dream dat tink,ady got new husband l0e..
s0 errr...huh!==

jus n0w mumy left me al0ne wif fifi n jeff agen..haizz!..
s0 n0ty ar

+i tink i f0und d s0ng "kisah teraher"..
dn0 izit d sme tink on0t..haha!!..
i fyn @uTube..
Urr...n0t d!!..=D

dats ol..=*

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