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Posted at 6/21/2009 12:50:00 PM
Since i hav d whole tym in d world ryt nw..
i might as well do sumtink gud..
Lyk blogging hw best my frens

Im gonna start frm my closest besfrens to my nt closest besfrens..
hahaha!!..evnthough we're bezfrens,bt we rarely sharpen our closnest..haha!!

MeLvina SeLvia

Melvina,,I n0e her since form 1 ady loe..haha!!=]
shes d one hu cant run away frm me in class..
i mean,i mean..shes d one hu owes gets a sit near me..
n0 matter whether its d teacher hu ch0se our seat onot..
shes d one i owes shares my secret wif..o of
evnthough wad i tell her,she owes criticise it..haha!!..
n d weird tink is,i nvr get hurt bein wif her..

Melvina,,she luphs to lecture ppl by usin christian..

b4 v were frens,she use 2 b my silent
u n0e wad i mean?i mean,i dno hu is she @ 1st..
bt she owes talk bout me bhindly..wif sum gals in my cls..
nvm2..haha!!..v g0t cl0ser fter Angelina m0ve..

Sumtink shes understanding bt sumtyms shes jus bein anoying..


VeRoNica AtraSia

She is my twin..haha!!..

Wen she 1st m0ve hir las year,i t0t she was a snob..
bt it turns out,shes jus crazy lyk crazier..
shes l0ud,n i owes havta sc0ld her 2 shush up..
bt she still do it..s0 an0ying~haha!..

She owes blanja me..=]
she s0 kaya mah..can put on bread...
Bt i owes ejek her bc0s of her size...hahahah!!..
n,n shes kiut..emphasize on da kiutt..^^

Apart frm Melvina,she is an0ther one of my besfrens,
hu keeps my secret..

Sumtyms..she hurts my feelings..Bt nvm..i dn wan 2 mke a fuss..
dn wan lo0se her s a fren...+she owes help me..
bt sumtyms,if i get to hurt,i will run away frm her..haha!..
oni mel n dby n0es

Sumtyms,me n her owes talk the sme tink @ d sme tym..
c0incidence..haha!!..we sma palak mah..=b


Dibby BaiNer

we're nt dat cl0se anym0re..
since dis year..

bt if we lepak 2gether,we lyk ank m0nyet lyk dat..

in cls,she seld0m wna lepak wid me,vero n mell..
she owes lepak wid Andryana n pat @ d bak der..

bt wad i n0e,if u wan bois num..
she hav^^v

n lastly,wen she mrjk,
dn breath near her..dn t0uch her..dn evn talk 2 her..
bkn apa,ltr die early bh..haha!!..=]
dats y i scared 2 mke her angry/mrjk..
ltr i plak yng kena..haha!!..=]


PatriCia SaMueL

wen v meet,v owes koL out our father nme 1st..

Patricia is d one hu owes mkes me angry 4 n0 reas0n...
i mean,she din d0 anytink oso,i can get angry..haha!!..
mby its her guts dat makes me angry..ngee~
true bh...

Bt i still wna hang wif her,c0s shes fun 2 hang wif.. minded??..mby..~
60% of my secrets she
i dn wn 2 tel much,ltr she sbar it wen i mke her cry..
i scared mah..hahaha!!...=D

o yh,v less lepak2 @ skull..
bt we owes lepak2 @ 2syn der...haha...:b
s0 we're cl0ser @ 2syn..


N0 m0re besTies 2 talk b0ut..
nvm,lets talk b0ut my cl0se non besfrens..=]

OlGa IngaN

Las year,we use 2 b cl0se by frenster..
bt den,ptus cmnt..haha!!..
dis year,we sme 2syn liao..s0 g0 bak 2 rapat agenlh..

she same palak wid me os0..
a lil bitlh..shes fun n sumtyms a devil..
haha!!..i os0 terikut2..

shes pretty..^^v..
bt nw,mby bc0s of her new hair,she luks

nw,i owes msj her..hee~
we owes share2 mslh..=]
@ 2syn oso...

shes funny,sumtyms an0ying...
bt if she gt frens,she bcum craziiee...
+i jus n0e many ppl hate her bh..ish2...~
n,n shes p0pular am0ng d bois...=b



d y0ungest in my list...=b

i ady l0ng tym din c her bh..huhuhu~

we use 2 crazy2 msj till 2am+...
bt nw ady n0 m0re,c0s she ady bcum clcm user..
huhu!she din mish me dats y..

last yr,we gla2 in d bus/van...
wen we use bus aher tahun,we owes buli Putra Jr..
hahaha!!..i mish dat tym..=')
Bt nw its o gone..

Last tym,i use 2 buli her..
on d last dae of skul last yr,i kbratan wna c her walk down d bus..
b4 she go down,i buli her 4 d last tym..=')

nw we ady jrng lepak 2gether agen..
i mish 20o8..mby d bestest year of my lyf..
i mish sSi ptng..i mish edgar..=]
i mish om0s o...hukx~


Mby dats ol...

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