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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 6/30/2009 06:40:00 PM
Priscilla took the what is the first letter of the person's name you will love quiz and the result is D

you got a person with the letter d

Priscilla took the Who is your lifetime match? quiz and the result is They are born between 21st April - 21st May

Even though you've been told more than once that fairytales don't exist, you just won't let it go: you're a big romantic and you carry on waiting for them. A smile, a bunch of flowers, a candle-lit dinner, a sensual kiss under a starry sky... some would say it's an old-fashioned view but you love it! You fall in love easily but you're a natural worrier and are always afraid of being abandoned. You have a continual need to be reassured in your relationships, which can sometimes be tiresome for your partners. This easy-going, affectionate person reassures you. You like snuggling up in their arms. They are of a faithful nature, and by their side, you will no longer be afraid of being abandoned. They help you to express your emotions and to liberate yourself from your fears. Before meeting them, you feel like a little girl/boy but they enable you to gain confidence and, if they were to ask you to be the mother/father of their children, you'd gladly accept!

Priscilla took the what are you born to do? quiz and the result is best at everything

you are the social person who make usefull contacts. you introduce important people to influencial people and always reap some sort of reward as a result...but you dont enjoy the spotlight as much. you prefer to stay in the back as there is more room to strech and you like the feeling that you are the one with the power and most of the time that is true... you will do well in almost anyfield you know how to flater without being to obivous and you can make just about anyone like you


Priscilla took the what do people first notice about you? quiz and the result is your laugh

When people meet you for the first time, they can't help but notice your laugh! Even when people are feeling down, you have the ability to brighten up their day with that wonderful laugh of yours!


Priscilla took the How dateable are you? quiz and the result is COMPLETLY DATEABLE!

You are the perfect gentleman/lady and you know everything anybody needs to know about dating and flirting


Priscilla took the How many times will you get married?? quiz and the result is twice

You couldn't decide the first time but the second time you made sure they were the right one!


Priscilla took the What do Your Eyes Say About You? quiz and the result is Innocence.

When people look into your eyes, they see pure innocence. Your eyes sparkle and you like to flaunt them, and often use them to manipulate people. You're a kind-hearted and intellectual person that loves being loved and getting attention, but others don't see that you can sometimes be defensive and aggressive when you don't get your way. You're really not as innocent as some people think!


Priscilla took the Which corny pick-up line suits you best? quiz and the result is Do you have a map? Cause i'm lost in your eyes.

Your totally an outdoors person, who likes to explore.

Priscilla took the What's your personality type? quiz and the result is Type B

Although you are an assertive, natural born leader, you don't mind being led. No doubt, you may procrastinate at times but you really are a hardworker. However, you know when to cool down and have fun. You make sure you incorporate rest into your day and often feel agitated without a good dose of alone time.

Priscilla took the Where will you be 10 years from now? quiz and the result is In the church

10 years from now... you will be in the front of the altar with your special someone.. because of your so much love for each other you and your bf/gf decided to marry each other and live your whole life together! Congratulations!

Priscilla took the Do You Act Your Age? quiz and the result is Teens

You act like you are in your teens. You live life to the fullest and don't have a care in the world. You enjoy life and take it as it come, a mantra you fully carry through. You enjoy being the center of attention and thinking about all the different ways to have fun. Keep it up!

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