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Posted at 6/10/2009 11:24:00 PM
2dae,omos wh0le dae..
i was left h0me wif my lil bro/sis..='(
BUT nvmlh..haha!!..
@ least dey leave me al0ne lepak-ing in the living ro0m..
hahaha!!..both of dem,ply gme/ip0d in koko ro0m..

las nyt,cant rili slp dat well..=[
i keep imagining not-not
den i finally slp @ 2 om0s 3am..
den wke up @ 5..
den slp bak @ 6am...hukss..
den wke up @ 9am..
n den,i spend my slp by dreaming dat i kena bcum wh0re by the japanese...
i hate it!!..>:-|

2nyt,slp al0ne agen..TT
i ask my lil sis 2 slp wif me lh..=b

+nidd m0re krdt lh...
dat dae sen mms lyk crazyy..haha!!
summ0re dgi cut rm3,c0s of dat gme loft tink..T___T
n0w oni left rm2+..n,n xpyr date on 18/june...

dats ol..dhaaaaaaaaa~

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