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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 6/28/2009 10:29:00 AM

Ladies n gentlemens,Vero has jus crack..xD

Heppii 8th m0nthLy anniversary..=]
hahaxx!!..jus monthly,ady can hepi lerr..
hvn yet yearLy..

Las nyt cum home s0 late frm untie r0se hous...
haih!!..i slp on d s0fa waiting 4 dady...==

+Aar0n ph0ne kinda nyc d smiley graphics..
swt..==..jus smiley graphics dat is nyc bout sE ph0ne..


O yeaa..dady new ph0ne..4get 2 blog bout it dat dae..=b

5130 xpress music..=]


o yh,ystrdae i ask aar0n 2 msj vero..haha!!=b
n den,i force him 2 reply mel msj..haih!!~
mmg he tkut msj gurLs c0s ltr his father sc0ld... spoiling him..=D



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