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Posted at 6/10/2009 12:50:00 AM


last nyt i dreamt sumtink..nytmare..;(

i dream he cheated on me..s0bs~
got 2 gurl inv0lved summ0re..sob2~
n den,d one gurl ask fer a break..
n den,he dun wan..
he trus break evrytink in his ro0m..
s0bs..ternyta he lyk d gurl so much..

but d weird tink was,
i was at line summ0re..kewL~
haha!!..n den,he was in d sme kmpung too..
dats rili weird..=D
n so is vero..hahahahaha!!..
s0 i can lepak evrydae..
go out topic ady..xD

i kmplen 2 himlh in real lyf..
he say,deirs nuttin 2 b afraid of..
c0s his n0t lyk dat type of person..**

summ0re,vero say ryt..
if it happens in yer dream..
means it will happen real lyf..
oni opp0site-Ly..hahaha!!..


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