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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 6/20/2009 03:51:00 PM
Jus finish edit my template...
b4 dat,edit vero one..
oh yea!vero ady got blogspot..yipee!..

loo0ooong weekdaes..tough one to0..
c0s its giving test pper bak week..=b

15 June[Mondae],,
my hp go sky-diving @ 2syn..haha!!
Lucky nuttin happenlh..
+my necklace lost..='[
d veri special extraordinary one..haha huh!~

16 June[Tuesdae],,
Mdm flowreese say,me n vero havta deco d notice board..
b4 pinning up d news..Huh!~
neways,fterno0n me n her cumlh...
buy stuff..+mdm flowreese evn giv us rm10..
haha!!nt 4 spending..huhu~
neways,fter eating we wen 2 lim magazine..=]
we b0ught a big p0listrene..haha!!
n v evn cr0ss d r0ad wif it..hahaha!!=D
den,sad tink..
fter blueto0th sum s0ngs from ning...
my hp jam bh..hukx~
i bang it s0 much
lucky ltr dat still alive n ok bh...
n,n i g0 bak 6+..haha!!,,late2..

17 June[Wednesdae],,
No perhimpunan..s0 ckgu jessing cum in 1st..
so sad..=.=''...he wan 2 t0uch me..
mel evn help!!:@
d m0e i push 2 d left,d m0e she push me 2 d rite..

18 June[Thursdae],,
durink 2syn,i help pat..kcian2..
beth owes ask 4 her bf num bh...
s0 i sc0ld beth lh..she bbek..xD
cre wad if she serang me..i creLess~

19 June[Fridae],,
2dae,havta jga koop..=]
Amira!! 2duh me,mel,dby..
she say we 3 make d ice cream melt..
pdahal i din cum last 2 weeks..
gt lh,but din jga..mel n dby dun hav bh!!..
simply oni..hsy!!:@
neways,ckgu tan ptong her m0nthly gaji..=D
+ vero n deyda oso cum..heee~
deyda ponteng skull..haha!no lh,no lh..
neways,i go bak 6+ c0s wna teman mel..heee~
n,n syamsuL giv skittles..yum2..but 2 s0ur..
i told his lil bro,dun 4get 2 dun sen my regrets 2 ur bro..(bm)

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