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Priscilla Tawie
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I w r i t e for a living!
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Part time day dreamer.

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  '*ah choo!*'
Posted at 7/18/2009 03:32:00 PM
Ah choo!uhuk2...~

dis mornink i go 2 skul...rjn neh..:b
Haha!!go skul 2 paint d clsro0m nee..hahaxx~
Me,mel,pat n dby hav cum..:)
Vero din cum,c0s she rjn..
+pictures @ d blow post...^____^

N,n yess izzuan..cindrella oso can w0rk marx..xD

Fter cum bak frm skul,
i go MJC..:)
dady hav meeting
s0 i lepak @ scR,cri mkn...hehexx~
+i wna sman d ppl der bh..huhu!
dey din lyn me...TT
trpksa i go n lyn dem bh..haiz!
b4 i go scR,i go 7,11..
buy kit kat.."take a break"...:)

Fter dat,i go home...
trus on9..:b
wna blog bout 2dae bh..haha!!~

+dat dae @ 2syn maths..
on Thursdae(16 july o9)...
teacher say "Bdo km ne!" @ me bh....
c0s i say,i concentrate m0re @ 2syn den i do @ skul..
he say,ill make my teacher sad..:b

O yeaa,gt more pict on 2dae...:)

Mel taking photo of me,taking photo of her...:)

Cindrella zman purba..:D

Mel luk kiut....^^

Dby luk kiut to0...^^


K lh...


I act as if nuttin happen,
n dat nuttin goin 2 change..
i hope my dreams will cum true..
Bt my lyf is not a fairy tale...

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