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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 7/20/2009 02:34:00 PM

Js finish d sejarah elemen 3..:)

js nw,i kena hkum tym ps..TT
Ckgu Fa-athien ask me,mel,pat,chels,jenn,dindu,beth,gdeon...
2 sit outsyd d clsro0m...
2 finish our embrasing..haha!!
Bt my ps poster,turn out pur-Ty...xD

+dat teacher useless...
act dun care one..haizz!!~

me n pat n mel talk3 js nw...
i ask dem..
"wad skul near tbuan jaya?"..
s0 d skuls dat cum out r...
1.SMK TBUAN JAYA[teacher less go in cls,o dey care is sports..]
2.SMK DPHA GAPOR[ordy m hir..suckxx~]
3.SMK BATU LINTANG[sum1 ewwy moving der nxt year..xD]
4.SMK ARANG ROAD[can oso..;b]
5.SMK BATU KAWA[mny pembuli....haha!]

Damn!i hav so mny alsn one..:)

K lh...

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