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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 7/02/2009 01:47:00 PM
Tired+mish him lots..TT

jus found ot,
Jess/shar0n(3J)/Azib oso sme 2syn lyk me..
haiz!1st2 is nic...>.<
Nvm2..2syn fuL ady bh..hahaxx!!
s0 much ppL adyy..

Vero in
c.chiang sc0ld her n edwin c0s of deir peka w0rk..
nsb vero din cum..haha!!=]

Mel n pat,
knew b0ut my love2 b0ok ady..
i sh0w it 2 dem lerr..
actually,was meant 4 mel oni...
bt pat temp me by taking ot her glitter pen..xD

Js nw,
eRt i make dis adorable"ban batu karang"..
evn mel agree its yuckyy..
nt bc0s v dn0 make bh...
bt i tink pat angguk2 oni..
bt tak ikhlas say nyc..=b
Haha!lucky vero/dby din cum..
otherwise,nt enuf bh...

o eyeaa..
vero h0neym0on wid edwin..
c0s b0th of dem,absent..

Mish em!


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