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  'cant slp..TT'
Posted at 7/01/2009 11:44:00 PM
its oms midnyt,
n im still awake..haiz!!
i spend my last 30minutes crying in bed..
mengenang nasib ktakn..

i nid him d most ryt nw,
bt he dn hav krdt..xpyr..TT
i tried 2 kol him,
bt he din pick up..
haiz!he ady slp..

jus blogging my tears ot,
oni Mel understand me..
i wish,she is still awake 2 calm me d0wn...

i dn wan 2 g0 2 sch 2m0r0e..
i wish i hav a headache..
as an xcuse..haiz!
bt,i tink im 2 healthy,,
c0s i tried s0 mny tinks..
js 2 get sick..
im craziiee..haiz2!..

she ady sme 2syn..
d oni place i can b hepi..
bt nw ady ruin by her presence..
b0th classes,both oso hav her..

dis few daes,,
im nt hepi @ all..
in fact,i was nvr hepi @ all..
d oni tym i lauf,
its wen im wif mel...
crack j0kes..dats o..

o i do,is jus fake smiling...


i dreamt of a place,
jus me n u..
kissing wid limits...
i dreamt of a place,
leavin d past bhyn...
bein 2gether,,
wid d future........

i n0e,
im wr0ng 2 give u h0pe,
h0ping i slip u in wif me..
bt,i jus cant bare d hurt..
u gave n left in me..

i first,will apologize..
evry single tink i gave u..

i n0e,
nw,its 2 late 4 me 2 sayy..
bt,im living u wif o d rest of my past..
im walking into the future..
nt kn0wing,
wad will happen...
jus walking,till d past is n0 l0nger der...
n dis tym,
i will try my best..
nt 2 go bak into the past...
n if dat happens,,
i jus run awayy...
living evry1..i dun care...
i jus wna b hepi...
n nw i n0e,
hir is nt hepi place anym0re..

i'm sryy..

i din mean 4 o dis 2 happen..
i can still rmbr,
wen i say,ill pr0tect u..
bt hav u evr,try 2 pr0tect me?..
o u did is jus hurting me non stop..
im sryy..
im jus sensitive...
nw,i learn 2 bak off...
i dn wan 2 get hurt once m0re...
bt i dun tink,ur understand...
each dae,was hard 4 me 2 pass..
dat my heart isnt g0nna stand anym0re..
im sryy..
i nvr tot of anytink,
untill nw..

listening 2 o d0es tinks u said,
cuts me deeper..
each w0rd u said,
is lyk an0ther bullet in me...

i tried once o twice,
2 b as hepi as ows..
bt i dn tink,
i can b hepi hir...

im running awayy nw...
frm evrytink i have..
i n0e,i will regret..
bt,i dn care...
its btr,den hurting evry dae..

nw we barely speak,
its a sign..
understand it.tink bout it.nvr regret bout it...


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