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Posted at 7/08/2009 11:58:00 PM
i steal b0ne,
was supose 2 m0dify d sej keja kursus..
bt i wr0ng press..
i ter-press d m0zilla firef0x butt0n..
n s0 hir we r..xD

Im g0na tetapkan my pendrian dri..
o wadevr it kol..haha!!
i wud nt listen 2 wad ppl sayy..:)
i w0n try hard 2 chge myself o ovr agen..
jus sum idiots told me im no gud..:b
semangat pris!

neways agen,,
dis fridae gt Rimup..
Awang Tengah is
2 rasmikan d ro0f..;D
im gona use bdayuh outfit..
(since its awkward 2 boro d sari fter wad happen..:()

hmmm..las nyt,i had d m0st urgh dream evr..
wich is stil wil 4ever stay in my
i dreamt i kis sum1..:b
n den i feel bad bout tern bout it..hahaxx!!=D


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