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Posted at 7/15/2009 10:40:00 PM
Js nw me n vero mcm apa run hir n der c0s sumtink2..
N i ngaku,we evn c0s pr0blem 2 others..
lyk pat..
well actually,i did nuttin,its js dat vero panic2..
s0 make decision oso lyk dat..
hmmm,, s0e if i say lyk yeaaa~

js nw i told dady bout ckgu jessing..:D
dady say his a problem teacher...

n,n js nw i wear bju kdt;b
mny ppl ask2 me wad shirt is dat...
n sum ppl wna join skali..yipee!!;D

bt jess,chels, n dem2 say luk lyk mbks..
haha!!i ngaku,i ngaku..
titus dem oso say lyk dat..
bt den,he say him self pencuci..;D

i dno hws starting 4 nxt year?..
mby i pndh,
hmm..vero pndh singapore,mel pndh cRian..TT
i dn wna stuck in gapor wid deir memories written on it..

K lh..

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