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  'Hari vokasional!'
Posted at 7/29/2009 04:26:00 PM
2dae gt hari vokasional in dwan..:)


js nw izzuan n piee promote fud lh..
den i c piee tgh eat d fud..
so i take onelh..:P
Izzuan say,"mnada masin!"..
*hits piee*.."spa sruh bgi dia mkn?!"..

den i go 2 vincent shop..
he sells buk..novels,stationary,reference..
i was lyk,"oi!vincent..if u tell me gt sell novel 2,xur i ady buy 2 bh.."..
n den,i pretend 2 steal one novel..
c0s vincent bzy..i kra chan boon kheng din c..
c0s he talk 2 pat..
sudenly wen i oms wna run awy,
he say..*points @ me wyl talking 2 pat*,
"oi!bgi blk.."..

i brought rm10 2 sch 2dae..:)
i spent it all..

stupid ar!gt sell so mny tinks..:P
dey din say..
gt oso sell pendrive,fishy..xD
if i n0e,xur ill brink xtra bh..huhukss~

+mel sell 2 me a gold fish..
ill nme it goldilock..:)
ltr wan 2 go out buy its nids..yeee!
i hav a new fren..hee~


+b4 i go dwan..
i smpat kick dby leg hard...:D
gt d tiang between block C n otw 2 block D der..i go n turn around it..
den ter-kick dby leg..XD

n,n me whole geng[mel,dby,pat] join theater merdeka..;)
+ckgu roslee ask o of us 2 in d cls 2 stand up one by one..
i tot wad he wn do..upayh chek our uniforms..:P
Lucky im ows neat..hahahaha!!

"Km kna 2ggu TERN jdi agung dlu..."
Mcm glran lh...:)
-Ckgu Jessing

Krdt xpyr..TT

Ur stares makes me go oo-La-La~

K lh...dhaaaaaaaaaa....^^....

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