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  'Is dis gudbye?'
Posted at 7/17/2009 07:22:00 PM

Ppl ask me,
whether i shud throw a party 2 clebrate her goin..
I js smile..
Bt deep insyd,dey dno..hw hurt izit,2 let her go..
N each tym,dey talk bout her..laughing..
I feel upset..
but I jus say 2 myself..
"its ok~dey dn understand a single tink dats goin on.."

Nw its omos tym 2 wave my hands,
n say gudbye....
N cl0se my eyes,n pretend as if she was nvr g0ne..

I feel lyk,jus ystrdae i met her...
Jus lyk ystrdae,i said dat she was sn0by!
Jus lyk ystrdae,wen i push her head n den pull her short hair n scream "TARIK BLK!!"

Jus lyk ystrdae,
wen memories of us 2 started filming....

Memories nvr fade..
It wil stil b der til 4ever..

Bt wil she b der,
nxt tym 2 recall o d0s fond memories?..

Its tym nw...
2 wave n say gudbye...

The end is bout 2 end so0n...
I dn tink im ready 4 it..
C0s dis tears,kept on falling down...

lets jus put a mask...
n let her go..

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