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Posted at 7/31/2009 10:18:00 PM


Ystrdy 2syn maths teacher so grumpy..sobs!=.=
+tern hp hampir kna rmps..
shud teach him a lesson..
n,n arang prefects nt sporting..:P


Pat lie agen...=.=!
Nvr bertaubat neh..haizz!!=.=

BTW,i dreamt bout sumtink js nw..
it make me realise sumtink..:)

My prents bought a hous in da city..
pretty though..mny ro0ms..hehexx~

so one dae,me,mel n vero meet up..
den we brtebung wid deyda..
Cun she brink a guy 4 vero..xD

bt i dno,
4 sum reason d boi berkepit wid me..

den he pulls my hand..
brink me 2 his mtorckal...
n ask me 2 hug him frm bhyn,
c0s he will drive fast2..

so i ignore his request...n js smile d whole way..:)

bt den,he stop..
he ask me 2 sit in front,n he den he will hug me n drive frm bhyn..
so i angguk2 onilh...
den,wen he drives fast2..i can feel wind...:D
n den i started 2 scream n talk 2 him..
i feel bhagia..:]

wyl dat,vero jeles..xD
so she tell tern..
s0 i scared lh..huuhuhuh!!
llu i w0ke up..haiz!

I learn dat,
Love is not onli lust bt d memories dat was created... ;]


Js nw,me,mel,pat do vero sej kja kursus..:)
me do oms o..hehee~
+omos kna mrh ckgu chiang c0s of my stupidness..:P

ckgu jessing change....:)

+wen tym rhat, me,mel,pat w8 @d apd ro0m 4 him..
wid esha,c.S.,bona n hiroh...:)

s0 wen he came..
dey o sang hepi bdae 2 him..
i tot wad~
upayh dey js play2 oni..dey actually wna boro radio..xD

+he say his bdae on 31st august..

+he put me on kuiz merdeka..
i was lyk.."wad d heck!"..=.=

k lh,dhaaaaaaaaaA..:)

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